cool necklaces for her

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cool necklaces for her

Buy cool crystal necklaces for her awesome design affordable. Popular necklaces for girlfriends with crossfor dancing stone pendant angels wings design sterling silver 925 necklaces online for sale. fashion jewelry wholesale china.

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Charm Silver Heart Pendant Necklace for Girlfriend
nickel free
The necklace is not attached to the chain. You can replace the chain if needed.
The crystal in the middle is actually hanging in the middle and catches the light every time the person moves.
It has silver chain and the frame is silver too it all works so nice together it's beautiful and you can see it's been made to the highest quality
The silver is very shiny and the stone looks like a real diamond! The stone moves so it looks like a twinkling star.

- Crossfor authorized crossfor dancing stone

- This pendant necklace is made with swarovski cubic zirconia, which moves constantly like dancing diamond when put around your neck.

- COMFORTABLE FOR DAILY WEAR. Carefully constructed of high-quality, S925 Sterling silver. No worry about sensitive skin.

How does the diamond "dance"? Will it loose?
very sturdy but the diamond dose dance with the slightest touch . The diamond in the middle is securely fastened on both sides but it moves up and down slightly when wearing. Just like sparkling, very attractive and eye-catching.

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cool necklaces for girlfriend
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