gan pu cha
xiao qing gan tea
xiao qing gan tea
gan pu cha

Buy Gan Pu Cha Xiao Qing Gan Tea Stuffed Tangerine Ripe Puerh

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Xiao Qing Gan Tea

Chinese Xinhui gan pu cha tangerine pu erh tea bama brand tangerine puerh online sale. Best value gan pu cha mandarin chenpi with yunnan ripe pu erh tea xiao qing gan 60g

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Pruduct: Gan Pu Cha (xiao qing gan tea)
Code: C1243
Ingredients: Xinhui xiao qing gan (tangerine) , Yunnan ripe puerh tea
Net weight: 60g (6pcs)
storage method: well ventilated, dry, odor free environment
Shelf life: 3 years
Brand: Bama

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Xiao qing gan tea comes from The land of Chenpi, China
Preferably the young mandarin orange originates from the Chinese tangerine peel
Hometown - Guangdong Xinhui. Xinhui, the former home of literary giant Liang Qichao, is famous for its bird paradise. There are Guifeng Mountain in the north and Gudoushan in the south. The two rivers converge and the junction is salty and light. The climate is mild, sunshine is abundant, and water is abundant. The blessed environment endowed Xinhui Chenpi with the reputation of “a thousand years of ginseng and one hundred years of citrus peel”.

Adequate heat
The average annual temperature reached 21.8 degrees Celsius. The effective accumulated temperature above 10 degrees Celsius reaches 7729.7 degrees Celsius.

Long hours of sunshine
Average annual sunshine hours 1731.6 hours

Average annual rainfall of 1784.6mm

Long frost-free period
Annual frost-free period of 349 days

Large temperature difference between day and night
Average temperature difference between day and night reaches 6.9 degrees Celsius

Xinhui - 6 years old green mandarin
The appearance of color brown to blue. There are numerous subtle concave oil chambers that do not shrink significantly. The inner surface is bright and clean, white, pale yellow, white to brown-red. High nutrient content, fruit shape is small and exquisite, fruity and fresh.
gan pu cha

Yunnan - 5 years ripe Puer
Collected from Yunnan Bohai large leaf Pu'er tea tree, followed by the ancient method of the palace Pu'er production. After five years of Chen Hua. The dry black tea is oily, smooth and smooth. The orange color of the soup is bright, and the fruit and tea are perfectly combined. The aroma is pleasant.
gan pu cha

Lovely appearance, richer content with Stuffed Tangerine Ripe Puerh
Delicate and elegant, it's easy to make one cup of tea.
gan pu cha

Fruity tea, unique flavor
Tangerine fruity, deep and mellow pu erh tea. Open a wonderful taste bud journey.
gan pu cha

chen pi pu erh tea
xiao qing gan tea
xiao qing gan tea

How to brew gan pu cha xiao qing gan tea

1. Take one piece xiao qing gan tea out
2. Unwrap the package wrappers
3. Remove the top cover
4. Draw out the Tea Pick from the bottom
5. Use the tea pick to get the ripe puerh into Gaiwan
6. Fill in boiled water to cover the whole mandarin and pour out
7. Refill boiled water and wait about 6 seconds
8. You could adjust according to your own preference.
How to brew gan pu cha xiao qing gan tea