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Buy beautiful love heart necklace cheap jewelry wholesale china

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heart necklace for girlfriend

Buy best value beautiful Swarovski crystal love heart shaped pendant necklace as christmas gifts for girlfriend online for sale under 50 dollars. Wholesale heart pendant necklace presents for girls cheap from China supplier. 

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1. necklace: 40cm+5cm (extended)  pendent: 1.8cm*1.8cm net weight: 6.8g
2. heart shaped necklace for girlfriend with Swarovski crystal pendant
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4. Without question, the heart shape is the leading symbol of Valentine's Day and love in general. 
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* Store it in a jewelry box or cloth bag to avoid oxidation when you don't wear it.

* keep away with other metal jewelry when wearing to avoid collision or abrasion.

* Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals like bleach or household cleaning products and even wood surfaces.

* Use silver polishing cloth to wipe it if it has been oxidized and turning into black to maintain luster.

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