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Dafen Oil Painting Village (Dafen Village), one of Shenzhen's famous attractions, was originally one of the many Hakka villages in Shenzhen, and has now developed into the world's largest oil painting production and export base.
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Dafen art village, located in Buji Street, Shenzhen, covers an area of ​​0.4 square kilometers. The village has more than 350 original residents. In 1989, Hong Kong painter Huang Jiang came to Dafen to rent a house to recruit students and painters for oil painting. The creation, copying, collection and mass resale of the paintings brought the special industry of oil painting into Dafen Village. As more and more painters enter Dafen Village, "Dafen Oil Painting" has become a well-known cultural brand at home and abroad. Since 1998, the district and town governments have begun to carry out environmental transformation of Dafen Oil Painting Village, and regulate and guide the oil painting market. At the same time, they have increased their propaganda efforts to build Dafen Oil Painting Village as a unique cultural industry brand.
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Open Time: All Day
Ticket Price: Free
Time: 2-3 hours to walk around
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Dafen Oil Painting Village has nearly 800 various types of business-oriented stores, and more than 5,000 painters living in Dafen Village. Dafen Oil Painting Village is mainly engaged in the processing of original oil paintings and reproductions of art. It is accompanied by the management of Chinese painting, calligraphy, crafts, sculptures, painting frames and pigments.
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The sales have reached 52.5 million yuan, of which 31.5 million yuan is exported and 21 million yuan is sold domestically. It is estimated that sales for the whole year of 2004 will reach 126 million yuan. Since 2012, Dafen Oil Painting Village in Buji Street has grown its sales by exploring new markets at home and abroad. According to the statistics of Dafen Oil Painting Village Management Office, the sales of the village in the first half of 2011 was 1.95 billion yuan, and the total annual sales was 3.9 billion yuan. In the first half of 2012, the village sales reached 3.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 58%. Among them, domestic sales were 2.015 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 192%.
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Mainly wholesale, supplemented by retail. There are two main ways to deal with Dafen Oil Painting Village. One is to undertake oil painting, frame production orders, wholesale transactions; second, the daily retail of oil paintings, picture frames. But the former accounted for more than 80% of Dafen's trading volume. Wholesale orders are mainly through large-scale exhibitions such as Canton Fair and Cultural Fair, as well as e-commerce networks. Retail trade mainly relies on more than 700 stores in Dafen Oil Painting Village. The people who come to visit are the main customers of retail.
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Export-oriented, supplemented by domestic sales. Dafen Oil Painting Village exports 80% of its oil painting products. The market of Dafen Oil Painting is spread all over the world. Its foreign markets are mainly Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Australia. With the improvement of living standards and appreciation level, more and more residents in China have gradually accepted the practice of decorating their families with oil paintings, especially in the interior decoration of oil paintings in some large hotels in China. Domestic sales showed an increasing trend in the proportion of Dafen oil painting sales.
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It is mainly based on oil painting, supplemented by Chinese calligraphy and other handicrafts. In addition to oil paintings, Dafen Oil Painting Village also includes other art categories such as Chinese painting, calligraphy, sculpture, embroidery, lacquer painting, cloisonne and so on. Among the 776 stores in total, there are 583 oil painting companies, 53 in Chinese painting and calligraphy production, and 73 in the production of picture frames, pigments and other related products. They are engaged in crafts, engraving and embroidery. A total of 67 decoration, inkjet and calligraphy and painting training.
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dafen village online review

Zamira Bik - "Really cool place for those who are into painting and art stuff. The village has a great art gallery, absolutely worth visiting, since it displays different exhibitions regularly.
In the village, there are some nice shops for painters and of course the painters themselves, whose work is being done in front of you and you can spend hours observing the masterpieces of the world art being replicated.
there is a nice shopping mall near the village with plenty of spots to eat. + the whole thing is very close to the metro station"
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Kamal Kumar - "Amazing place where you can buy so many different types of paintings. Mostly replicas but really nice ones. Need to bargain hard at times but the paintings are very cheap and of good quality. Worth spending some time here when you are in Shenzhen."
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Nick Morris - "Interesting place to go and walk around even for someone who's not particularly interested in art, like me. I was kicking myself that I hadn't been more organised and sorted out a family photo to get turned into a painting as it would have made a nice gift and this is apparently a great place to get high quality and affordable work. Beside the village there's also an art museum and some nice local restaurants and cafes."
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dafen art village
dafen art village
dafen art village

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The shuttle bus to Dafen Oil Painting Village are:
106, M300, 309, 322, 353, 357, 361, 371, 372, 380B, 389, 398, 462, 509, 521, 524, 531, 616, 812, 822, 832, 836A, 863, 870, 910, 937, 938, 943, 955, 959, 980 (including large and small)

Go to Dafen Oil Painting Village:
All subway stations in Shenzhen can go to Dafen Village, transfer to the subway (Longgang Line) to Dafen Subway Station, and then walk to the Wal-Mart direction for about 500 meters to reach Dafen Oil Painting Village!
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